Books: Top 10 Most Influencial Books of All Time

The Holy Bible

The most known book of all times is the collective contribution of over 40 authors, which has been written over 1500 years. The Old and New Testament describes many important events of human kind, starting with the creation, the life and work of Jesus Christ, up to the Apocalypse.

The Qur’Anfb-bookcovers-thumb-620x385-379196

This book is considered to be revealed to Muhammad, by angel Gabriel at the will of God, on a time span of 23 years. The Muslims believe it to be a message from God, which intends to protect the faithful from corruption and distortion.

The Communist Manifesto

Marx and Engel joined forces to lay down the foundation of communistic society on the capitalistic and socialistic backgrounds. Their ideas have influenced the rise of an Empire that controlled all the East European Countries.

The Republic

Plato’s most famous book covers all the life areas. The Greek philosopher treats subjects as war, kings, marriage, music, metaphysics, language and analogies in its short dialogues.

Wealth of Nations

Adam Smith was one of the illuminated economic minds that made a clear analysis on the living standards in a country and how these can be improved.

Origin of Species

The truly visionary Charles Darwin explained in this book the evolution of life on the surface of the planet, and the clear connections in the DNA of all species inhabiting Planet Earth.


Albert Einstein’s major contribution to modern physics started with the publication of its relativity theory. His major contribution from the last century has influenced how modern scientists look at what is beyond Planet Earth.

A Brief History of Time

Stephen Hawking, the brilliant physicist, explains the creation of the universe, starting with Big Bang.

The Rights of Man

Paine’s masterpiece was created to shape France after the French Revolution, but in history it has been a true inspiration for the worldwide democracy.

Mein Kampf

The piece written by Hitler shows a little insight into his plans of shaping Germany and finally the World. Although his plan failed, the philosophy behind this book has influenced many countries.