Top 4 Books Everyone Should Read Before Deciding Which Uni Program to Study

Are you having trouble deciding what you should study at uni? Choosing a university program is a big decision, if you make it hastily, chances are that you will land back in school, in the unemployment line or working in a career you do not care about. It is likely that you understand these consequences, and you feel stuck or indecisive; however, here are four books that you should definitely read before you choose a program. These resources will prove pivotal in choosing a career path with the highest return on investment.

shutterstock_110298509-1The 4 Books You Should Read

(1) Choosing Your Degree Course & University by Brian Heap covers everything you need to know about finding the best UK bachelor and master programs online and offline. (2) Before You Leap by Kermit the Frog is a fun read that offers fresh advice for individuals going through some transitional period – like going to university. (3) Letter to a Law Student by Nicholas J. McBride teaches organisational skills no matter the course you choose, and introduces you to a new definition of ‘independence.’(4) The Times Good University Guide has for over two decades been offering critical information to students on what and where to study, as well as expected course costs.

Preparing For Your Future

Forget about long academic reading lists or textbooks; as you prepare for university, you need to prepare for a new life stage and broadening your intellectual horizons. The four books above will help you discover more about your self and how you can translate that to a career journey you will enjoy. Covering the best study courses, what it takes to join a career path and possible careers, these books are not only motivational, but thought provoking and comforting as you set sail in the new world of university life. Plus, these are books that many people wished they had read as they chose their uni programs.